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microSURE Hand Sanitizer is a unique long-lasting hand sanitizer that works as a shield, tackling and killing the toughest germs and bacteria.


It is one of the most innovative products developed by health specialists. microSURE Hand Sanitizer uses new micro-nano technology to protect us from the growing threat of harmful pathogens worldwide.

How microSURE Hand Sanitizer works:


Effective shield for hours

Once applied, microSURE Hand Sanitizer provides long term antimicrobial protection.


Its formula kills germs on contact and leaves an invisible, "breathable" barrier that stays working & locked in place for hours.


Instant protection for your hands

The invisible shield allows kids and adults to experience heightened protection before and after the exposure to common germs and bacteria.


microURE hand sanitizer has demonstrated significant efficacy results against bacteria, even in between washes.

Defense from surface's transmissible contaminants.

After applying on your skin, a protective barrier forms, killing harmful bacteria that have the potential to cause disease.

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Protection through prevention

This product has gone through strict testing and experiments by well-respected doctors,

scientists and researchers.

microSURE Hand Sanitizer

  • Alcohol - Free

  • Free of harsh fumes

  • Moisture - Infuse foam or spray

  • Does not degrade surfaces

  • NDC code: 72513-000


  1. Place enough product in your palm to cover your hands thoroughly

  2. Rub hands together and allow drying. Do not rinse or wipe off your hands before it’s thoroughly dry.

  3. Reapply as needed.

Our clients

  • Parents and children

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Educators and teachers

  • Students

  • Athletes

  • Travelers

  • Social workers and public servers

  • All industry workers and staff members


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