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Sanitizers for hands and surfaces made in the USA.

 The frequent exposure to harmful pathogens represents a risk for people's health.

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    microSURE hand sanitizer

    • Long-lasting protection for your skin

    • Physician tested

    • Non-alcohol-based | Nano-technology

    • 2 oz. Spray (Liquid)

    • Works as a shield, tackling and killing the toughest germs and bacteria long after initial application. 

  • RUBZAN hand sanitizer gel

    • Traditional hand sanitizer gel

    • No waterproof

    • 70% Alcohol

    • 12 oz, 16 oz, 1-gallon bottle, pails, and drums

    • Kills germs and bacteria, aiding in the reduction of potential disease transfer from direct contact.

  • SPRAYZAN multi-surface sanitizer

    • Traditional liquid spray sanitizer for surfaces.

    • No waterproof

    • 70% Alcohol

    • 12 oz, 16 oz, 1-gallon bottle, pails, and drums

    • Prevents the reinfection of physical spaces and environments.

microSURE Hand Sanitizer is safe for kids and adults

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 We adhere to strict clearance processes and guidelines set forth by the FDA.

microSURE helps to reduce the spread of viruses

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microSURE allows teams to prepare for the game and to keep playing.

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Prime Eco Group develops eco-friendly products that bridge cost, quality, and environmental applications to the industries we serve across the globe.

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